Long time no blog! A lot has happened since my last post in May where I was chatting about being excited to go on holiday, I can’t believe that has come and gone already. One of the main things that has changed since I last checked in is that I’ve finally gone Vegan. I’ve wanted to adopt a Vegan lifestyle for a long time, but was always dubious whether it was something I could actually do. I was meat free for 5 years and decided to research further the benefits of dropping dairy too. After watching some documentaries and watching presentations and educating myself on the facts I decided that NOW is the time to start this journey and there was no chance I was looking back. Anyway, enough about that for now. I do plan on doing a separate post diving a bit further into this. Infact, I’ve decided to do a whole series on my Vegan/Cruelty Free lifestyle transitioning journey for anyone who is considering following me down the path, or is even just curious about what being Vegan really means and what cruelty free brands and products are out there.

I decided I would kick this little series off whilst jamming to J LO on this fine Friday evening with a haul of Superdrugs own brand products. Other than the amazingly affordable prices, Superdrugs own brand products are mainly vegan and are ALL cruelty free!! Most of my toiletries were all coming to an end and in need of replacement. If you are deciding to go cruelty free, don’t feel like you need to immediately throw out or feel guilty for all of the non cruelty free items you own and have purchased prior to making this life change, it’s called transitioning for a reason. Use up what you have and when it’s time to replace it, choose a cruelty free alternative to go in its place instead!

Lets start with the hair products I picked up :


I went for the Pro Vitamin Shampoo and conditioner which both smell fresh and left my hair feeling light and clean – They were £1.49 each!

Volumising dry shampoo – I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but it smells so good. It has a pineapple-y tropical-ish scent. It cost only 98p.

I also picked up a little can of hairspray for 59p.  Bargain after bargain.

Next up are some general hygiene products I picked up :


I grabbed some face wipes. I’m not sure why, but recently i’ve been enjoying taking my makeup off with a face wipe which I have never enjoyed in my life until now. I always believed that it didn’t remove my makeup properly and would in turn break my skin out but so far i’ve not had any problems. I use the makeup wipes to remove my makeup before washing my face in the shower and then when I get out I just massage some coconut oil into my skin and that’s pretty much my skincare routine at the moment. It seems to be working totally fine for me so long may it continue because it’s cheap and takes minimal effort! The face wipes were 99p.

I also picked up some toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes, these are pretty standard items which don’t take much explanation, cruelty free and cheap as chips though! The mouthwash was £1.22, The toothbrushes were 99p for two and the toothpaste was only 97p.

Superdrug have so many scents in their body gels, I decided to go for the Shea Butter and Bamboo scent which smells soooo yummy. At only 79p it’s hard to resist not just buying them all to try.

Last but not least I got some deodorant for £1.79 although if you do go Vegan there’s a good chance deodorant will be a thing of the past! You’ll notice that your sweat no longer has a scent as you’re no longer sweating rotting meat out of your pores, bonus!

So to sum it up, I replaced all of my main every day toiletries for a grand total of £12.40! Cruelty free never felt so good!

What are your favourite Superdrug own brand products?


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