I had a really relaxed Sunday yesterday, It was so nice and SO required. I didn’t leave the house once and enjoyed every second of it. There’s something so soothing in just accepting the fact that you don’t need to achieve something every day.

Sometimes all you need is to accept that you are just going to slob around, wear pyjamas all day and eat too many calories. We are too quick to punish ourselves because god forbid you watch another episode of the TV show you’re enjoying (Sons Of Anarchy -I’m on season 5 and it’s getting WILD) when you really could have been doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom or something “more productive”.

Iv’e found myself feeling guilty when I get home from work and don’t instantly open my laptop and start editing and sorting photos or thinking of a new blog post to write. I instantly think that I’m being lazy or not trying hard enough when really that’s not the case.

I realised, whilst lying in a “fort” which my boyfriend had built from our sofa cushions and duvets that on that lazy Sunday, I had achieved something. Looking after yourself isΒ achieving something. Just spending quality time with the people you love and who love you doing really standard, mundane things that require no major thought process is actually really tranquil. We need to get the idea out of our heads that giving our brain and our bodies some much needed down time is undeserved, because you DO deserve it.

I actually find that when I am relaxing and when my head is clear is when I am the best version of myself, when I come up with ideas, not because I’ve forced them but because my brain has space and time to think and also learn and process recent things that it has learned. Clearing your head and having a fresh reset is a vital element in your creative process and learning how to be your best authentic self.



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