So as I type this blog post, I am snotty, ill and miserable. I hope everyone elses Friday is going better than mine! Here’s a little easy read personal post of twenty five random facts about me, I hope there’s something in here that lets you get to know the person behind the Instagram posts of food, selfies and chocolate labs.

I would love, love, LOVE if you could leave a comment and give me a few random facts about you! Even if it’s just 5.

1. I am one of the least fussy eaters ever, I can go to a restaurant and practically eat anything from the menu.

2. I left school when I was 16 years old and have been full time employed in office jobs ever since.

3. Green Day are my favourite band in the world, I have traveled to multiple countries to see them live and have met the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, his wife Adrienne and his son Joey.

4. My “index” toe is longer than my big toe. Finger toes.

5. I love Jack Black, I can rhyme off basically every word to Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny.

6. I find it almost impossible to hold a grudge. Unless you’ve murdered my family there’s a good chance I will find it in my heart to forgive you.

7. When I was around 15 years old my brother accidentally poured boiling hot kettle water down my back and I almost had to get a skin graft. Luckily due to how my mum handled the situation when it happened I don’t even have a slight scar today.

8. Photography is my biggest passion in life. My dream job would be doing this full time and being my own boss lady bitch.

9. My brain can’t do maths. Like, it really can’t. I’m almost 23 and I don’t even know the majority of the times tables. I’m not even just being lazy, I have dyscalculia fo’ sho.

10. I have the worst immune system EVER. If someone sneezes in my proximity i’ll be loaded with the flu within about 10 minutes.

11. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for the majority of my adult life and as a result, am a massive introvert. Iv’e learned to accept and find my own ways of dealing with this. I plan on writing a full blog post about it in the future.

12. I can confidently say that my brother is the funniest person I know, our sense of humour is an exact match. Infact, our entire personalities are an exact match. We are pretty much the same person.

13. I love Primark. Even if I won the lottery I still think I would shop there. You can literally find everything you need plus more. There’s no such thing as a disappointing trip to the ole’ pradamark.

14. I tend to gravitate towards gay men. I mean without branding them as one whole type of person, I have always preferred their company and have always had more gay male friends than I have female friends. I am at one with the gays.

15. People tend to brand me as being rude but i’m really not. I’m just really unsociable and overly sarcastic. I have really bad chronic bitch face. I always look raging but as I often have to explain, Im not. It’s literally just my face. It’s just how it naturally sits. I’m fine. Nothing is wrong. I’m not unhappy. I’m a nice person.

16. Overly obvious one but I love my boyfriend with all my heart. I’m obsessed with him. I think he’s the best thing since sliced breed. I would hate to imagine my life without him, He’s my lobster.

17. I want to and will write a book one day.

18. I have a really small circle of close friends, and I like it that way. My close friends are people I have known and been friends with for most of if not all of my life. They are the people who know me best and people I don’t have anything to prove anything to, they just get me. My best friend means the world to me, I know I can count on her for anything.

19. My gran makes the best macaroni cheese in the world. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

20. I am the worst person in the world at responding to messages. I open them, read them, mentally reply…and then never actually reply. It’s not my fault that you’re not telepathic.

21. I love the Kardashians. I keep up with the Kardashians better than I keep up with my own family. I don’t care what anyone says about Kim K, I think she’s an absolute goddess.

22. I am really good at makeup. I hardly wear it anymore, so if you see me on a day to day basis you would never think it, but I am. There was a phase in my life where i wouldn’t even leave the house to go to work without a full face and fake eyelashes on. Gone are those days 100%. It’s a good day if I brush my hair leaving the house in 2017. I prefer the extra sleep now… Priorities.

23. My mum and dad have always been more like best friends to me than parents. There has never ever been a time in my life no matter what age I was that I felt like I couldn’t just talk to them about any problems I was facing to ask for their advice. I adore them and can’t thank them enough for just simply being there for me at a moments notice. They literally know me inside out.

24. I have a REALLY bad temper and can be extremely stubborn. If i’m in a bad mood I instantly look around me for something to throw, smash or slam. I say things that I don’t mean when I’m angry or upset. It’s one of my worst traits.

25. I am constantly tired. My gran always says that I could “sleep on a washing line” I can fall asleep in the weirdest of places. The moment I sit down anywhere unless i’m preoccupied with something, I just nod off.


7 thoughts on “GET TO KNOW ME, 25 RANDOM FACTS”

  1. I love when people post little fun facts, i find it fun and interesting to read! But holy moly #7, I can’t believe your brother did that. Thank God for mama bear, moms always know best! I’m obsessing over your hair in your photo, such a beaut!!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. It was a fun post to write! It’s such a good way to get your personality across! It was horrendous at the time, I just felt my skin go so tight. My mum totally had it under control though, so thankful!! Aww thank you so much, i’m going through a phase of being bored with my long hair but I don’t think I could cut it and part with it!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, nice to meet you! Welcome to the blogging world! My name is Georgia, and I’m a lifestyle & travel blogger, but I also ramble about a lot of other things. I’m 18, living in Canada, but I love to travel alot! I just dyed my hair and currently freaking out wondering if blonde actually looks decent on me haha! Can’t wait to read more of your posts soon xx


    1. Hello Georgia! Thank you!! Your blog is one of the first i’ve come across where I really enjoy and feel like I can get to know you through your style of writing, I also love that I can read post after post on your blog without getting bored! Your new hair is gorgeous, It really suits you. Have you got used to it yet? xx

      Liked by 1 person

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