Even though January (and now almost February) of 2017 has quickly come and gone, I’ve decided that it’s time to set myself a few goals for the remainder of this year. Everyone tends to hold off on making changes in their life until a new year comes around however there’s no better time to change your life than exactly when you feel ready to.

Without putting too much pressure on ourselves (because we all know that pressurising yourself into doing anything in life never has a long term positive outcome)…Here are some of the goals i’m aiming for in 2017 that I feel everyone could take something from.

  • Become passionate about something that is purely offline

We live in an extremely social media based world which for me can be equally amazing and opportunistic but also at times slightly draining. I love social media, The minute I sit down on a train i’m scrolling through twitter before I’ve even had a chance to take in or adapt to my surroundings, I’m checking what everyone has been up to on Snapchat and drooling over the 5 star life styles that everyone on Instagram portrays themselves to have – However I think it’s extremely healthy for your mind to take time out and focus some energy into something that is purely offline.

  • Organise our finances and learn to save money

I’m sure i’m not alone on this one. I am the worst at saving money…ever. I fall into the category of people who always use their debit card and never carry physical cash on me, and of course the rule goes if you pay by card did it even happen? I know some people plan their income and outgoings on excel spreadsheets etc. but I don’t think it has to be that complex for everyone. I want to start by making small changes such as lifting a set budget of money from an ATM on a Monday morning, and making that money last me the whole week. If anyone has any better plans that they are currently following to stop the bank breaking, I’m all ears.

  • Find your mojo and what picks you up

Do you ever feel when you try something new or try and achieve a mini goal that someone is standing with their hand against your forehead holding you back? I know I can at times. It can force you into a poor mental state and having you feeling pretty down about yourself leading to a negative impact on the rest of your day/week but If you get yourself a routine in place and know what is an instant pick-me-up for you then it should help to cancel out the negative thoughts sooner rather than later.

  • Be your own biggest fan, think something good about yourself daily

We are all constantly putting ourselves down, and I mean, why? We need to remind ourselves that we are all actually doing OK. If you’re having a good brow day today then tell yourself that. If you’ve achieved something today no matter how big or small whether it was getting out of bed and getting dressed or climbing Ben Nevis feel proud of your own personal accomplishments and reward yourself for them. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I plan to seriously practise what I preach on this one and get rid of my “There’s no point in me doing that because they can do it so much better than me anyway” shitty attitude because it gets me no where.

  • Become healthier both physically and mentally 

Yes, I need to loose weight and yes, I’ve been saying this for years now.  (I’m sitting eating caramel shortcake whilst typing this) I know diets don’t work for everyone and I’m not great at sticking to them either although a few years back I joined Slimming World and actually stuck to it and lost 2.5 stone and I felt a lot better in myself. Iv’e since obviously gained that weight and more back so I do want to sort that out, but again – easier said than done. I think re-joining Slimming World will be my best bet.

I don’t feel like anyone is half as concerned about keeping their brain as healthy as they do their body. I think we seriously neglect how important mental health is. If you don’t have a healthy mind then nothing works. My mind and thought process can certainly be my biggest enemy and set back in life, mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression can make you feel very distant and at war with yourself and the rest of society. I’ve definitely came on leaps and bounds in this department, but I’d love for 2017 to be the year I feel at one with my brain and learn how it works inside out.



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